Outer Avenue Flowers

Outer Avenue Flowers

Dahlias at Cabrillo Playground

These beautiful flowers are brightening up the day on the 39th Avenue side of Cabrillo Playground during these foggy months of July and August. They are really exceptionally beautiful.

Flowers Seen Around the Outer Avenues

Have you ever noticed how similar the plant and flower choices are in so many backyards on the Outer Avenues? I think it is because not all flowers do so well out here. That got me thinking about what are the good planting options. With this in mind, I take photos of any flowers that catch my eye when I am out and about in the area, always with the thought that perhaps I would plant the flower in my backyard.
These are some of the flowers I have seen in the Outer Avenues in Golden Gate Park, near Ocean Beach, in Sutro Heights Park, and at Land’s End. These flowers will thrive in the sandy soil and the foggy cool climate we enjoy.
Do you have a favorite flower that will thrive in the Outer Avenues? Leave a comment below!

Outer Avenues Flowers

Not the best photo of the flower but not bad for Marin.

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